Nick Forester founded NSF Electric in 2007. Since its inception, NSF has built a reputation around our commitment to clients and diligence the quality and delivery of the projects we undertake.

Our team of dynamic and committed employees have accomplished and completed an ever-expanding portfolio including residential, commercial and industrial projects to the highest of standards by minimising the challenges that the industry presents. We pride ourselves in the way we approach these challenges without compromising process involved.

To assist with these challenges we have implemented robust management systems and periodically revise our procedures to ensure that we operate effectively as a company, translating our hard work into competitive, result-driven outcomes.

Our Values

At NSF, we achieve perfection by striving towards impossible goals, which motivate our agenda for improvement and ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Passionate: We’re passionate about our work and take a sense of pride in our achievement.
  • Overcoming a Challenge: We accept challenges and work towards the best possible outcome.
  • Adapt to Changes:  We implement and evolve our systems and processes that produce outcomes of excellence
  • Fulfil Expectation: We’ve always delivered what we promise with excellence and on time.